Want to be an author? Whether you're establishing your credibility as an expert, getting the word out on your product or service, sharing new ideas, or recording your life story, having your own book is a big plus. Starting with what you already have, such as notes or an outline, and consulting with you via phone and email, I'll write a book you'll be proud to share with the world. The process takes four to six months for a standard-length manuscript (150 - 200 pages). In the end, you're the author and copyright owner. I'm the writer-for-hire in the background. If you need to author something much shorter than a book, such as a speech, a letter, an article, a booklet, or just a chapter or two, I'm available.


Need help with your promotional, marketing, and sales material? I'll write solid, informative copy for your brochures, product descriptions, company profile, press releases, newsletter content, sales letters, all that stuff. I'll deliver sharp, compelling writing that matches your business personality. And you'll get it on time.

Technical Writing

If you need writing that's technical in nature, I can help. Pairing my writing skills with my engineering background (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, six years working as a designer in the computer industry), I can help you with your technical writing needs, including product briefs, training manuals, marketing material, case studies, instruction sheets and other documents.


You've organized your thoughts and ideas on paper. Now your draft needs a final cleanup to fix mistakes. Or it has to be whittled down for brevity, reworded for clarity, or enhanced for pizzazz. Whether you need minor changes or a major overhaul, I'll polish your writing before the rest of the world sees it.


Satisfied with what you wrote, you now need a pair of eagle eyes to find any remaining typos. I'll be those eyes for you. I'll catch missing punctuation marks, extra spaces, misplaced words, anything that's out of line.

Personal Writing

Trying to communicate an important message to a loved one? Whatever you want to express (love, gratitude, disappointment, regret, a sense of pride, appreciation, joy, or any other sentiment under the sun) I'll help you find the right words and deliver them from the heart.


I'm fluent in Spanish. If you need text translated from English to Spanish or Spanish to English, or if you simply need a translation double-checked for accuracy and correct usage, allow me to be of assistance.

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