• What is ghostwriting?
  • It’s a writing service available to individuals who want a clean, professional manuscript but may not have the time or skills to do the job themselves. A ghostwriter is a professional writer who organizes your ideas into a top quality, fully edited manuscript. You are the author of the resulting book, article, e-book, manual, report, booklet, or other work. You retain the copyright to the material. You keep any royalties or funds your work may generate. Your ghostwriter is an expert writer who creates a polished, professional manuscript for you and charges a set fee for services rendered.

  • What are your strengths?
  • Writing material that’s clear, engaging, and entertaining. I excel at generating interest in any topic and explaining high-level concepts in a way that the average person can readily grasp.

  • What writing tone do you usually use?
  • Conversational, professional, warm, accessible.

  • Can you send me a sample of your writing?
  • Please take a look at the samples first. If you’d like to see a specific type of writing, email me your request.

  • What are your specialties?
  • Nonfiction writing that’s clear, concise, and interesting. Extensive editing of fiction and nonfiction to bring the writing to life. Copywriting that’s intelligent (not gimmicky) and informs the reader.

  • Do you produce any visual or audio work?
  • I work closely with professionals who are talented in graphic design, digital illustration, voice acting, website development, logo creation, videos, layout of book and eBook pages, book/eBook covers, posters, flyers, and many other areas. Together we can produce a complete, professional package for you.

  • Are there topics or subjects you won’t cover?
  • Yes – anything with explicit sex or violence, or anything that in my view purposely demeans or degrades anyone.

  • Can you write for children?
  • I write for all audiences – children, teens, adults, and mixed audiences. Tell me who your audience is and I’ll write for your target group.

  • How long does it take to write a book?
  • Typically, six months for a full-length manuscript (150 - 250 pages).

  • What publishers have you worked with directly?
  • Arbor Books, Enslow Publishers, Hundreds of Heads, Planning/Communications, Tate Publishing, and Addicus Books, among others.

  • What websites have you written for?
  • Kidshealth.org, USFranchiseNews.com, FindYourSpot.com, BookRags.com, Camping.com, Education-Portal.com and many others.

  • What magazines are you published in?
  • New Mexico Magazine, College PreView, DirectAIM, Family Magazine, Albuquerque Woman, American Indian Report, Basix Magazine, Lydia’s Style, Littleton Downtowner, RV West, Women’s Circle, Rocky Mountain Parent, Nashville Parent, Alaska Parent, San Diego Family Press, Tucson Parent, Young Detroiter, McAllen Metro Family, El Mojave, and other publications.

  • Have you worked with anyone outside of the U.S.?
  • Yes. In addition to working with businesses and individuals across the United States, I’ve written and translated for clients in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia. South Korea purchased foreign rights to my co-authored book, Dream It Do It: Inspiring Stories of Dreams Come True (www.dreamitdoit.net). The Korean-language edition of Dream It Do It was published by Sungwoo Publishing.

  • Will you publish my book or hook me up with a publisher?
  • No. I’m neither a publisher nor a literary agent.

  • Do you get any royalties from my book?
  • No. You keep any royalties or profits your book generates. You keep the copyright. You are the author – I’m the writer for hire.

  • Is there a confidentiality agreement?
  • I’ll be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement at your request.

  • If I hire you, are you available during off hours?
  • I am always available via email. You have unlimited access to me through email communications, and I typically reply within 24 hours. All phone conversations are scheduled in advance.

  • What if things don’t work out and I can’t continue with the project or I don’t want to keep working with you?
  • No problem. You pay for services rendered. If at any point you wish to stop working on the project or you want to hire a different writer, let me know. I will stop working on your project, and you pay me only for the work that’s been completed. I do not give refunds, and I don’t know of any ghostwriters who do. So before you hire me or any other writer, be sure you’re committed to the project to avoid wasting your money.

  • How do we communicate along the way?
  • You can mail me anything you have written or recorded in video or audio format, or you can email me your files as attachments. We’ll also be communicating extensively via email and to some extent by telephone. Often, I find that scheduling phone interviews works very well – a client simply talks over the phone while I type what they say on my computer. These notes then serve as raw content for the book, article, or other document.

  • Can you start on my project right away?
  • That depends on my workload, so please check with me. But if we decide we’re a good fit, we can usually do some preliminary work via phone and email before I fully dive into your project.

  • I have a specific question. How can I reach you?
  • Please email me.

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