Eighteen Years Of Professional Writing Experience

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  • Author - Co-authored Dream It Do It: Inspiring Stories Of Dreams Come True (ISBN #1884587305), featuring 37 dream achievers including Harrison Ford, Maya Angelou, Lance Armstrong, Gloria Estefan, and Bill Nye The Science Guy. Published by Planning/Communications. Over 4,200 books in print. Dream It Do It launched achievement clubs in Florida community colleges. Sungwoo Publishing purchased foreign rights for a Korean-language edition of Dream It Do It.
  • Ghostwriter - To date, I've ghostwritten 24 books: two medical books (surgery, psychology), four alternative health books (heart health, cancer prevention, holistic health practices, meditation), four parenting books (coaching teenagers, successful step-parenting, raising grandchildren, nurturing young children), four memoirs (two for motivational speakers, two for successful people who've overcome abuse and addiction), three books on spiritual practices, four self-help books, two relationship books, and one business book.

    In addition, I've ghostwritten significant portions of other books, including an inspirational tome by a former pro football player, a mental health book, a breath-work book, a guide to dating, a book for new parents, a guide to baby names, a book on developing character traits, and a text on shifting life patterns.

    I've also ghostwritten many articles for websites and print publications. Subjects include kids' health, women's health, heart health, business practices, stress management, food, nutrition, and city guides. On occasion I ghostwrite poems for special events, speeches for businesses and individuals, and both personal and business letters.
  • Features Writer - Under my own name, I've written more than 300 nonfiction articles for national, regional, and local magazines.
  • Content Provider - I've written articles and other content for websites, including Sage Electronic Engineering, GizmoSphere, KidsHealth, USFranchiseNews, Find Your Spot, and Camping.com.
  • Copywriter - My specialties include press releases, brochure content, sales letters, website and newsletter content, author press kits, workshop flyers, and business profiles.
  • Editor - One of my greatest strengths is rewriting text to bring it to life while preserving the author's voice. I'm also good at finding errors others miss. I've edited novels, memoirs, technical papers, nonfiction books on nutrition, health & wellness, parenting, business, self-help, careers, and contemporary culture, as well as letters, brochures, articles, bios, resumes, website content, business guides, essays, reports, and Spanish texts. I served as an interviewer, editor, and writer for the Hundreds of HeadsTM survival guides, and I worked as an editor and writer for National Strategies Group, a marketing firm.
  • Proofreader - I've caught and corrected errors in children's books as well as full-length manuscripts written for a general audience, in both English and Spanish.
  • Translator - In addition to translating material for local businesses, I've translated business letters, children's lessons, engineering documents, and more than forty chiropractic articles from English to Spanish.
  • Before working as a writer, I was an electrical engineer for private corporations. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I was born in Argentina, raised in California, and lived briefly in Illinois and New Mexico. Presently I'm enjoying life in Colorado with my loved ones.

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